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Walking Football Celebrates Two Years

May 30, 2018 1:01 pm Author: Aberdeen Community Trust

The popular Walking Football project in partnership with Sport Aberdeen is celebrating two years since it’s inception. The programme, which takes place at the city’s Beach Leisure Centre, has continued to attract a growing number of participants to its programme. Weekly footfall has increased from the 14 players who attended the first session to a regular 40 players a week now.

Over the two years the sessions have attracted a total of 102 participants ranging from 19 – 70+. Together they have clocked up over 3000 hours of participation and 720 volunteering hours.

The sessions, co-ordinated by volunteers Stephen Harvey and Dougie Henderson, aim to provide people with a lower impact alternative to a standard football game, but with all the skill, fitness, fun and teamwork you’d expect. Walking Football is a growing sport national amongst older participants, but this session operates an “open to all” policy welcoming regular male and female players across a variety of ages, including those who have experienced injury or who are keen to return to physical activity after a long-term health condition or some time away.

Active Lifestyles Development Officer, Andrinne Craig said:
“It’s been excellent to watch the project not only sustain its appeal, but continue to grow and reach a wider audience.
“The popularity of these sessions is testament to the volunteers and players who have embraced this version of our National Game.  We look forward to encouraging and inspiring others to come along and take up the sport in the future.
“The partnership between Sport Aberdeen and AFCCT is an ongoing success and we hope to work together to grow the number of opportunities like this in the future”.

David Smith, Senior Community Projects Officer at Aberdeen FC Community Trust, said:
“It’s been great to work with Sport Aberdeen to enable this group of men and woman, most of whom started their journey to becoming more active with Football Fans in Training (FFIT), to stay active and connected in the community. Huge thanks must go to Stephen and Dougie for their commitment and helping the group week in week out – a credit to the city and the community”