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October 16, 2018 9:24 am Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team


The 2018/19 AFCCT Primary Schools Football season kicked off on Saturday 8th September and with the support of Aberdein Considine, Aberdeen City Council, Sport Aberdeen and the Scottish F.A. this saw over 1,500 children playing football representing their respective schools at venues across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire on the opening weekend of the season.

When AFCCT took over Primary Schools Football in the North East of Scotland in 2014, there were 36 teams at the primary 6 and primary 7 age groups with 360 children playing, now it sees over 200 teams from primary 3 to primary 7, with the introduction of primary 2 in February which accumulates to over 1,800 children playing and a 500% rise in the number of children playing football weekly.

Aaron Scully, who co-ordinates AFCCT Primary Schools Football commented: “At AFCCT, our motto is to provide support and opportunity to change lives for the better. Primary Schools Football provides the opportunity for children in the North East of Scotland to get out and play football with their friends from their school. Everyone remembers their primary school days and their primary school team, so it’s great to see the number of children who are engaging in the programme increasing year on year.”

One of the first things AFCCT did to change the way Primary Schools Football was being delivered was to move the primary 6 and 7 age groups from playing 11v11 to play 7v7, add the primary 3 age group playing 4v4, and keep the primary 4 and 5 age groups playing 7v7 also.

AFCCT also made the games non-competitive to make sure that the children were playing in a fun environment instead of having the extra pressure of trying to ‘win’. These changes took Primary Schools Football in line with the Scottish F.A. National Player Pathway.

Recently, the Scottish F.A. added in a 5v5 format at the primary 4 age group to aid the transition between the 4v4 format and the 7v7 which was a big jump for young players to make, however adding in the 5v5 format allows for children to get used to playing with a goalkeeper while still playing in a small sided game.

AFCCT is delighted to be able to add in this section to Primary Schools Football thanks to the help of Brewin Dolphin, who gathered together some local companies to raise funds to allow AFCCT to purchase 16 5v5 Bownet Goals. These companies include Hunting, XL Group, Lockton, ADC Energy, Brown & Dale, and Khyber Pass Association (KPA).

Aaron added; “It’s fantastic to be able to add the new 5v5 format into AFCCT Primary Schools Football, this allows us to take the programme to the next level and will aid the transition from 4v4 to 7v7 football by adding in a logical step beforehand.

“I’ve always wanted to add in the 5v5 section to take us in line with the player pathway and thanks to these companies we are finally able to do that. I would like to thank each of their generosity, companies for coming together to raise these funds, it is massively appreciated from everyone at AFCCT!”

“With the support of local companies like this, we are able to make a bigger impact in the local community and provide a much better Primary Schools Football programme as a result.”

Stuart Lamont, from Brewin Dolphin, said “We are absolutely delighted to help assist AFCCT alongside local firms, it would not have been possible to raise the monies without their support. We hope the contribution can have a positive impact in local school football where AFCCT do a terrific job in getting children engaged in sport”.

Anyone who would like more information on the AFCCT Primary Schools Football programme should contact Aaron Scully at aaron.scully@afccommunitytrust.org.