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GoFitba Project | Get Fit, Get Healthy … Have Fun

October 7, 2019 12:14 pm Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team


We are excited to announce the launch of our GoFitba Project at one of our Partner Schools, Heathryburn Primary. This football-based afterschool programme aims to promote health and wellbeing to over 20 P4-7 children.

This project takes a holistic approach to teach children the benefits of regular physical activity within a football environment, with each structured session providing the Scottish Government’s minimum daily target of one hour of moderate physical activity.

Community Coach and Education Officer, Harley Hamdani, says: “The GoFitba project will engage pupils in wider participation in physical activity outside of school curriculum time, as well as providing them with a hot, healthy meal.

Support provided by The Scottish Football Partnership Trust & The MacRobert Trust will provide AFCCT with additional capacity to deliver a project that will encourage children to develop key life skills and promote positive health and nutrition.”

GoFitba’s main objectives

  • To provide primary schoolchildren with opportunities to take part in free-to-access fun football activity.
  • To educate on the importance of being active and to use the football hour of GoFitba as a vehicle to improve their knowledge and understanding, self-esteem and confidence.
  • To make use of their interactive GoFitba learning journal to educate on the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle and to increase the children’s confidence of working in groups.
  • To provide a hot, healthy meal at the end of each session to help reinforce learning on diet and nutrition and to tackle food poverty by providing nutritious food.
  • To Funhost a showcase event at the conclusion of each 12 week block for the participants and their parents/guardians and school teachers.