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Target £125k – #StillStandingFree

April 7, 2020 10:01 am Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team

Last week, AFC’s investors announced their pledge to match 10% of the funds generated by season ticket sales through April 30th as a donation to our partner charity Aberdeen FC Community Trust.

This donation supports the #StillStandingFree campaign, our response to the COVID-19 outbreak and will allow us to:

– Ramp up our community outreach programme to tackle social isolation with the ambitious goal of contacting 12,000 fans during April and May. So far over 1,000 supporters have been lifted by a call from a member of staff, volunteer, first team player or AFC legend. In some cases, these check-in calls have been the highlight of the day for elderly fans during the coronavirus-imposed lockdown.

– Continue making food deliveries throughout city and shire to tackle food poverty during this particularly challenging period. So far 1,200 people have been supported from Mastrick to Macduff and that number will continue to grow as we work in partnership with Community Food Initiatives North-East (CFINE).

So, to bring much-needed funds into the Club during this challenging period, we’ve set ourselves an initial target of reaching 5,000 season ticket sales by the end of April, which would result in a £125,000 donation to the Trust.

Commercial Director, Rob Wicks, said: “Based on season ticket sales from the past few seasons, and current sales for 20/21, we believe the matching donation to the Trust from Club Directors can reach £125k this month, equivalent to around 5,000 season ticket sales. That’s the challenge to the Red Army and the message is very much – if you can support by renewing early or purchasing a new season ticket now, please do so, as you’re also supporting your community through the Trust.

“Just last year, UEFA recognised AFC as the Best Community Club in Europe and I think that community spirit has been well and truly reinforced in the last couple of weeks. Research has clearly shown that the Trust has the ability to turn £1 of funding into £10 of value to society so we could be looking at season ticket holders effectively generating £1.25 million of value to the community.”

In addition to supporting vital food deliveries, in conjunction with CFINE, and the welfare calls, Aberdeen FC Community Trust is planning to use the funds, matched by the investors, to support the following initiatives as a starting point:

– Mental health in the region by running a MINDSET workshop throughout schools in the city and shire to build resilience and confidence in our future generations.

– Hosting a community day in the autumn at Cormack Park for NHS staff and frontline workers who are keeping us all safe during this crisis.

Liz Bowie, chief executive of AFC Community Trust, said: “It really is a win win situation for both the Club and the community. The support we have had from the AFC board, Dons’ supporters and the wider community has been truly humbling. Our assurance is that the funds we receive, through the donations linked to season ticket sales, will not just improve lives but will save lives in the short, medium and long term by improving the mental health of our region at a time when it’s going to become a major issue due to people struggling to cope with the lock-down.”


Over the coming weeks and months, the deadlines which were set when we first published season ticket information at the start of March could be subject to change as we look to acknowledge the wider economic impact that COVID-19 is having.

The first step is to extend the 4 month 0% interest deadline from Friday 10th April to 5.30pm on Thursday 30th April.

The remaining deadlines could be subject to change as we seek to balance bringing cashflow into the Club with an awareness of the difficulty some of our supporters are facing during this time.

Latest Deadlines:
Thursday 30th April – Spread the cost over 4 months at 0% interest*
Thursday 30th April – Additional 10% as a matched donation from AFC Board to AFCCT
Friday 8th May – Spread the cost over 6 months at 0% interest*
Friday 15th May – Spread the cost over 10 months*
Friday 29th May – Keep your seat deadline
Sunday 31st May – Moving Seat Day
Monday 1st June – Remaining seats on General Sale
Monday 1st June – Early Bird Deadline

2020/21 season tickets are available now online via afc.co.uk/eTickets.

Full Season Ticket Information.

*Spread the Cost

Once again, we are working with V12 Season Ticket Finance to help supporters spread the cost of their season ticket. To help make things easier we are also covering the interest costs for supporters who select the 6 month or 4 month payment options!

10 Monthly Payments – Sign up before 5.30pm on 15th May and you will have the option to spread the cost over 10 months through V12 Season Ticket Finance with a £32 fee.

6 Monthly Payments – Sign up before 5.30pm on 8th May and you will have the option to spread the cost over 6 months. No extra fees as interest costs covered by AFC.

4 Monthly Payments – Sign up before 5.30pm on 30th April and you will have the option to spread the cost over 4 months. No extra fees as interest costs covered by AFC.

To apply for finance through V12 simply select the finance option on the payment page when purchasing your season ticket. V12 will then contact you by email with full information on how to apply for the monthly payment option.