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Active Girls Day at Manor Park

November 6, 2020 4:30 pm Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team


At the start of this academic year, an AFCCT Partner Schools Coach started working with a group of P7 girls at Manor Park. One of the main aims of this group was to give them the opportunity to increase their self-confidence by developing their leadership skills. 

The girls were led through the AFC Leadership Programme with the guidance of their AFCCT Partner Schools Coach, developing a range of skills and understanding, giving them the confidence to lead an activity and an event. Throughout the programme the girls developed a range of skills including communication, organisation and learning about the STEPS Principle (Space, Task, Equipment, People, Safety). This programme encouraged the girls to communicate with confidence and value their own skills. 

At the end of the first term, the girls led their first ever session to their peers, which was a great opportunity for them to practice what they had been learning. Before their session, the girls developed a lesson plan, making sure they were prepared for the session ahead. The lesson plan included a warm up game, a main activity, and a cool down. To begin with the girls were very nervous; however, as soon as they started leading the session their confidence grew significantly, and their session was a huge success! Afterwards, the girls reflected on what went well, and what they could improve, and they were looking forward to delivering more sessions in the future. 

At the start of term 2, we decided we would go that next step further, and give the girls the opportunity to plan, organise and lead an event for all the girls from P4-P7 in the school. The P7 girls group decided they would offer five different sports and activities throughout the day, including basketball, dodgeball, cricket, parkour and tennis. This event was to give all the girls the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activities, encouraging them to participate in a fun, relaxed environment. 

Teacher, Manor Park: 

“When the girls walked back into the class after taking part in the Active Girls Day their body language had changed and they looked taller…their shoulders were back and they walked in confidently!” 

Pupil Support Assistant, Manor Park: 

“It has been fantastic to see a pupil flourish in this environment. She would usually lack a lot of confidence and give up quite easily because of a fear of what the boys might say. During Active Girls Day she not only grew in confidence, but the girls in her class gave her support and encouragement making her believe in herself” 

The girls did a brilliant job a planning, preparing, and leading their Active Girls Day! They ran the event with confidence and displayed amazing leadership skills which was a true reflection of their hard work during term 1. This event encouraged and inspired everyone to get involved in sport and physical activity and we look forward to seeing what the group of girls can do in the future.