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International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021 4:58 pm Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team


In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are highlighting some of our inspirational female staff and volunteers! 


Holly – Senior Partner Schools Coach

Holly, our Senior Partner Schools Coach, leads the way in implementing our activity with Partner Schools. Coordinating staff and activities to help us work with young people to close the poverty related attainment gap. Holly also works with our AFCCT coaches to deliver sessions to girl’s groups within our Partner Schools. Helping empower young girls and working with them to grow their confidence and leadership skills. 


Marion – AFCCT Volunteer

Marion has been involved with AFCCT since 2013when she first participated in one of our programmes. A year later she became our first ever volunteer which she describes as ‘a very special life changing time’ and by 2015 Marion had won Volunteer of the year! Keen to get involved more, she began to help with our programmes such as health walks, footy tea and various events. Marion has also supported other Women within the Trust and is a buddy to a young Woman, living with dementia, helping her be active and get involved in programmes. Marion embodies everything the Trust is about, ‘with support and opportunity we can change lives for the better’, and helps other people get involved with AFCCT! 


Emma – Community Facility Coordinator and AFC Women’s Coach

Emma coordinates our community facilities, ensuring we open opportunities for people to get involved in sport. As head coach for the AFC Women’s team, Emma is instrumental in developing Women’s football and inspiring girls to get involved in the sport. The team have already gained promotion into the SWPL2 in their inaugural season and are currently top of the SWPL2. The league is currently still in suspension due to COVID, however the team are continuing to work hard to on fitness and theory sessions online. 


AFC Women’s team

During our #StillStandingFree campaign the AFC Women’s team stepped up to support the Trust. They organised and participated in a 24-hour run, covering a total of 273.29 km and raising over £6,100 for AFCCT. These funds helped us deliver food parcels to isolated and vulnerable people across the North-East. The team also got involved in food parcel deliveries through our Community Anchor Project. Alongside 3 other clubs they delivered 1,708 parcels across Aberdeen City and Shire supporting an additional 5,535 vulnerable people, including thousands of children. 


These are just a few of our inspirational Women within the Trust! Today let’s celebrate important Women in our lives by sharing why they are inspirational to us.