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The 1903 Community Trail: A Fantastic Summer Challenge

August 25, 2021 11:25 am Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team


This summer Aberdeen FC Community Trust (AFCCT) coach, Brian Johnston, worked with a Heathryburn Primary School pupil to create local cycling routes for fellow pupils to enjoy over the summer break.

Brian and the pupil mapped out five walking and cycling paths in the local area to encourage pupils and their families to enjoy outdoor spaces in the local community. All of the trails were on the doorstep of Heathryburn Primary School and were categorised into different distance or difficulty levels to ensure everyone could get involved.

To add an element of competition to the challenge, posters with QR codes were placed along each route allowing people to record their activity online. The school aimed to reach 1903km by the end of summer with the pupil who completed the most miles receiving a prize.


The cycling project helped engage the pupil, who at times struggled in the classroom, to learn new skills and be a part of a great local project.


“The pupil really engaged with the cycling project … This showed commitment, determination, and resilience.”

Brian reflected on his time working with the pupil:

“I was approached by Heathryburn to try something completely different from our normal sessions to try and help a pupil who struggled to engage in the classroom environment. We knew she enjoyed cycling, so we came up with the ‘1903 Community Trail’ idea to engage both the pupil and also the community.

The pupil really engaged with the cycling project. Over the period we cycled over 30 miles in the five weeks and mapped out five different routes- in all weather. This showed commitment, determination, and resilience. At the same time, it also shows creativity and innovation because she came up with ideas on how to present the routes and display the posters.”



This challenge is a brilliant example of how the Partner School Programme run by the Trust helps to engage pupils with learning, out with traditional classroom environments. The 1903 Community Trail Project was a fantastic way to encourage pupils, and the wider community, to stay active this summer.  

Find out more about the 1903 Community Trail and each individual route here.