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Welcome to Primary School Online Learning!


Our activity packs, created by AFCCT Partner School Coaches, are designed to provide a fun and educational resource to keep your minds active while learning from home or at your school hub.

Learn along with Donny the Sheep and Angus the Bull as they teach you to:

Be creative – These activities will encourage you to use you imagination through creative learning

Keep learning – These activities will cover topics such as numeracy, literacy and problem solving

Stay active – These activities will encourage you to keep active and healthy

Half-time snack – Learn new cooking and baking skills with a different recipe each week

Extra Challenges – Help Angus and Donny complete new challenges


New activity packs will be released each week, click the link below to download your weekly pack.

Week 1: DONline Learning – Prepare for the Game

Week 2: DONline Learning – Represent your country

Week 3: DONline Learning – Feeding a Healthy Mind

Week 4: DONline Learning – Junior Match Reporter

Week 5: DONline Learning – Family Fun

Week 6: DONline Learning – Train Your Team

Week 7: DONline Learning – Analyse the Performance


We would love to see the work that you complete! Take a picture or a video of you completing any of the activities and share on social media using the hashtag #DONlinelearning

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Email: Education@afccommunitytrust.org