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Corporate Sponsorship

Does your workplace choose to support a nominated charity to fulfil their CSR requirements?

The variety of programmes we deliver caters for those aged 3 to 104 and ensures wider community engagement throughout the North East of Scotland.

AFCCT welcome the opportunity to give presentations to management, employees, CSR committees, volunteers- anyone who will listen to us really!

We have received support from various companies/organisations through one-off events or fundraisers and we have also been named as ‘Charity of the Year’ by others.

Below are some reasons for you to consider supporting AFCCT:

  • Staff members would have the opportunity to see the difference their support would be making
  • You would be helping make an impact locally and demonstrate your commitment to the community in which your company operates
  • Funds raised would be for local programmes- Aberdeen City and Shire
  • Raising awareness to our 60 programmes currently running
  • Boosts employee morale and encourages teamwork
  • We can provide t-shirt, collection boxes and other branded fundraising material. Most importantly we can provide support!
  • PR and communications support to help spread the news about your charitable efforts

Please complete the form below for further details or to discuss options, or call 01224 650474.