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Charity Requests

The appropriate form must be completed and submitted to the correct address or email.

Any applications received in a different format or via an alternative route are unlikely to be processed and are discouraged.

A significant amount of AFCCT and AFC charitable activity and support is specifically targeted to support the following types of groups and that work will continue to develop and increase.

As a guide, AFCCT is more likely to support applications which are relevant to one or more of the following:

  • Primarily benefits groups/individuals in the North East of Scotland
  • From a local registered charity
  • From a local formally recognised community group
  • Supports communities with identifiable ‘need’
  • Supports those with disabilities
  • Supports social inclusion
  • Supports young people and/or the older generation and/or intergenerational activities
  • Supports health and wellbeing/fitness

Note: Due to the large number of related requests we receive from the following groups we are unable to include these requests in the above monthly draw, however we may include such groups in a separate monthly draw for match tickets:

  • Local school fundraising events
  • Local sports clubs

AFCCT is unlikely to support requests that are:

  • Not directly beneficial to the North East of Scotland
  • From National charities
  • Generic requests sent to other organisations
  • Individual cases
  • Short notice
  • Incomplete or inaccurate
  • Received via a different route to that outlined in the guidance

Application Procedure

Please follow the application procedure below:

Charity Request Form

When making an application it is strongly recommended that any submission is made well in advance of the monthly draw which is most relevant to the fundraising activity.

A random draw will be made on the final Friday of each month throughout the football season. The successful applications will be contacted with further details as soon as practicable. Due to the high number of applications received, only those who are successful will be notified.

Applications will not be carried forward to the following month. Any organisation wishing to apply again is invited to do so.

To be included in the next monthly draw, requests must be made by submitting the application form in full, along with the supporting letter on headed charity paper.

Requests are then to be submitted by emailing both attachments to charityrequest@afccommunitytrust.org or by post to:

Charity Requests
Aberdeen FC Community Trust
Aberdeen Football Club
Pittodrie Stadium
Pittodrie Street
AB24 5QH

Good Luck!