Founded in 2014, Aberdeen FC Community Trust works to maximise the potential of our communities by improving physical and mental wellbeing. Our mission is to ‘provide support and opportunity to change lives for the better’.

We play our part in supporting local, national and international strategies alongside reacting to local community needs across the North-East of Scotland. Direction from the World Health Organisation and United Nations gives us an international perspective on the importance of increasing physical activity, and tackling issues such as poverty, inequalities, and wellbeing.

Through engagement with the Scottish Government, Education Scotland, SportScotland and the Scottish FA we have identified strategies which have shaped our work across our 3 pillars of activity and feeds into the Local Outcome Improvement Plans of Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City councils.

AFCCT are proud to have been rewarded with numerous awards for our work. Most recently, in 2019 we won Best Professional Club as recognised by UEFA through their Grassroots Awards. Click here to find out more about our awards.

Our Impact Reports demonstrate how, with your support, we are improving lives and providing opportunity across the North-East of Scotland.

Annual Reports

Impact Report 2018/2019

Impact Report 2019/2020