AFCCT Manor Park School


When you leave a gift in your will to Aberdeen FC Community Trust, you help ensure that we can continue to provide support and opportunity to change lives for the better.

A gift in your will to AFCCT is an incredible way to leave a lasting legacy to change lives for the better. Gifts in wills are vital to all areas of our work, so any gift you give, whatever size, will make a big difference to the North-East.

Your will is a very personal matter.  If you are considering leaving a legacy of any kind to AFCCT, we strongly recommend you that you speak to a solicitor to ensure that your wishes are understood and will be fulfilled as you intend.

If you have already remembered AFCCT in your will, we would also love to hear from you and thank you for your special gift.  We are very grateful to all friends and supporters who have chosen to remember AFCCT in this way.