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#StillStandingFree | Flying the Flag for Aberdeen

March 20, 2020 2:30 pm Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team


Aberdeen Football Club is encouraging all members of the Red Army to come together in solidarity during this challenging period by flying the flag for the team and the city.

As part of our #StillStandingFree campaign to support fans and the wider community, we are asking all supporters to show their colours in support for the team and the city on the days when scheduled fixtures would have taken place.

Starting tomorrow (Saturday 21st March), when The Dons were due to play Livingston, we are urging fans to collectively help raise everyone’s spirits through a display of red and white’ flags, scarves, strips, posters and signs across the city.

AFC Chairman, Dave Cormack, said: “In an effort to raise spirits and keep up social interaction, while we are all having to practice social distancing, we’re asking our supporters to show their colours in any form possible, either inside or outside their house or on social media using the hashtag #StillStandingFree. We will share everyone’s posts with their photos through the Club’s social media channels and will offer prizes for the most creative ones.

“By bringing people together virtually through our shared passion for all things AFC, we aim to lift morale and demonstrate solidarity.”

With all football suspended indefinitely, AFC employees, coaches and players are getting ready to paint their homes, streets and their social media channels red.

AFC Captain, Joe Lewis, added: “It’s time to show our collective support in all things Aberdeen, from hats and flags, to scarves and shirts, be creative and show your support through this incredibly difficult period.

“So many people in our community are scared, anxious and lonely. Others are bored and missing the camaraderie of their colleagues in the workplace. Showing our colours is a means of reaffirming our allegiance and showing support for the club and city.”

Several players at the Club have also taken to social media with videos reminding fans what they need to do to help contain the spread of coronavirus, from washing hands to not panic-buying.

Ways to get involved:
• Show your colours by wearing kit, hats or scarves
• Decorate your home with a scarf on your window or a flag in your garden
• For younger fans, have a go at drawing your favourite players or our mascots and display them around the house
• Take to the outdoors and recreate your favourite goals and celebrations whilst kitted out in red

Be sure to upload your show of support through social media using #StillStandingFree

After Saturday the next “Fly the Flag” days will be Friday 3rd of April which would have been the fixture against Hearts and Saturday 11th of April when AFC would have faced Celtic.