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Lochside Academy pupils graduate from AFCCT Mindset programme

December 17, 2020 3:57 pm Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team


In November, 180 S1 pupils from Lochside Academy graduated from the AFCCT Mindset programmedelivered in partnership with Grassroots Soccer. The programme brings mental health promotion into schools with the aim to improve the mental wellbeing of young people. Focusing on a positive approach to mental wellbeing, enhancing the strengths and skills of pupils to cope with the stress both in and out of schoolAdditionally, the Mindset programme helps break down the stigma around mental health making it normal for pupils to talk about mental wellbeing.  

Through weekly Mindset sessions, with an AFCCT Partner Schools Coach, pupils learnt about the importance of mental wellbeing and developed key skills that would help them focus on their own wellbeing. The sessions covered a variety of different topics such as prioritising, risk taking and staying in control. 

As a celebration of the pupils completing the Mindset programme a graduation event was held to recognise the pupils hard work throughout the term. Each participant received a certificate and pin badge as a recognition of their achievement. 

Feedback from the pupils was positive with them giving the programme the big thumbs up with all evaluations completed saying they would love future sessions. Despite the COVID restrictions the sessions were fun and interactive and had a huge impact on the pupils attending. 


Lochside Pupil: 

“I felt the programme has helped me control my mental wellbeing better and has also taught me the importance of supporting my friends” 


Lochside Pupil: 

“It helped teach me how to juggle all the activities I have in my life to do and how to prioritise the important and necessary ones” 


Lochside Teacher: 

“The Mindset programme helped them open up more confidently and seriously about Mental Health in our PSE classes” 


The AFCCT Mindset programme has been rolled out to more S1 and S2 classes this term at Lochside Academy. We look forward to seeing what the pupils can bring to the session as they progress through the programme.