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AFCCT team up with Forrest Training to deliver First Aid to young people

March 2, 2023 3:12 pm Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team


AFCCT enhance first aid knowledge for young people through Forrest Training Programme.

Forrest Training, proud Social Care and Health Care related training specialists, partnered up with Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust (AFCCT).

With over 20 years’ experience in the sector, Forrest Training Ltd provides training across Scotland to any and every industry.

Over the last few months, Forrest Training worked with AFCCT to deliver a pilot first aid training programme to young people at Brimmond Primary and Portlethen Academy.

As part of the pilot, pupils received 8 hours of essential First Aid skills delivery, which immensely boosted the participants’ confidence to deal with first aid situations. The training programme focused on first aid skills delivery, allowing pupils to enhance their knowledge through Basic Life Support, such as CPR and using an AED, and learn how to deal with minor injuries and conditions.

After completing the training sessions, a significant change occurred in the pupil’s development at Portlethen Academy and Brimmond Primary.

In session one, 6% of our participants knew how to help when in a first aid incident. Compared to session two, 96% participants learned how to help when first aid is required.

Between Brimmond Primary and Portlethen Academy, 24 participants each gained valuable life skills that will serve them well in the future and received a certificate of completion.

Kelly Forrest, Owner/Director of Forrest Training Ltd, said, “Forrest Training has been delighted to work on several projects with Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust. Most recently, we have supported their Education and Communities Officers in Primary and Secondary Schools.

“We are hugely passionate about everyone having some first aid knowledge, and we believe it’s an excellent opportunity to give young people an early introduction to first aid while at school.

“Working with young people is always hugely rewarding, and we hope to continue to pass on these life skills in the future.”

Claire Garrett, Team Lead for Primary Education, said, “We are delighted to once again partner with Forrest Training to provide the young people within our Partner Schools the opportunity to explore and develop new skills to use in everyday situations. As part of our Education Team commitment, we are keen to develop working partnerships with local organisations to compliment the learning outcomes of our pupils within our schools.”